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are you stumbling over your mp3 downloads? is an easy to use, browser-based playlist manager for audio files you find while wandering through the halls of music - easily crosslink tracks you find into your free account and listen to them at your leisure from anywhere

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step 1: install our add-on into your browser

Once installed - your browser places the "p-star" logo next to any MP3 file link on any page you visit - click the icon to add that MP3 to your playlists - it's that easy!

available as an add-in for Firefox or as a Greasemonkey Script for IE7 and Safari

start making, sharing and listening to playlists on today - sign up - it's easy and free

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step 2: find tracks on your favorite audio sites

our "p-star" icon cross-links music files on these sites and hundreds more!

step 3: organize, share and listen to your playlists

listen to your mixes in your browser, on your Wii or email your playlists to your friends, widgetize your playlists and add to myspace, facebook and other social networking sites

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