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about was developed to help listeners, artists, music bloggers and labels
Here is an example of an actual music blog with our plugin activated. Click the icon and the song is cross-linked to your account.

Love Audio Blogs And Music Sites But Hate Managing Dozens of Downloaded Files?
You visit all of your favorite audio sites and download a couple of your favorite tracks to deal with later.
You repeat this process until your desktop or download folder is a mess of random MP3 files that need to be filed away and curated. can help that process! Cross-link those tracks to your account.

Want To Save Tracks From Audio Blogs To Listen To Later?
You visit your favorite audio blogs and see dozens of new tracks you want to sample... but you don't have time.
Cross-link all of those tracks and sample them later at your leisure. to the rescue! We want to make this process easier for everyone. We enable you to create playlists and add songs to them remotely when you are on your favorite music blogs or MP3 sites.

Using our FireFox extension, Greasemonkey Script, IE7Pro Userscript or Greasekit script for Safari you will see a "p-star" icon next to any MP3 file linked on any page your surf. If you like the track - just hit the icon and it is cross linked to your profile. No need to download tracks, manage files locally or get involved with lengthy file transfers. The next time you log-in to your account you will see a whole list of tracks you added - simply add them to your playlists and off you go.

Something for artists and labels we want people to learn about the music they are hearing and to purchase the music if they like it. We are not a site that promotes the stealing of music we believe that artists and labels have put a lot of time, money and effort in the final product you enjoy - they deserve to make some money from their labor. We provide purchase links for all tracks played (where ID3 tags are present) so that a listener will have a chance to purchase the song or album from - we might make a small % on that sale but we hope that is OK with the people using our service.

Something for audio bloggers and sites We are not greedy with our visitors - we want them to click off and to explore the audio blogosphere and to enjoy the reviews, opinions, views and track selections put out there for us to enjoy. So - for every track we have in our player we will provide a source link to the blog or site that hosted it. If a listener likes the song - they can wander off our site - back to your site and enjoy your writing and experience. We hope that audio bloggers will see the value of this tool and support its use.

Legal Note we do not host any songs, streams or downloads of songs. We are happy to remove any tracks by any artist if requested by that artist. This is a playlist service - not a music hosting site. is actively developed and maintained by pixels+packets a chicago,usa based entity. contact us >> admin --at--
All media presented belongs to original copyright holders. All other content © 2009 pixels+packets. All scripts, add-ons or plugins developed by are released under the MIT (X11) License.
know your rights! we do not share your email address, information, musical tastes or uploaded images with any 3rd parties. period.